Brad (aka Bradster)

Assumed Name:

Movie Title: Night of the Creeps

Year of Release: 1986

Director: Fred Dekker

Performance/Costume Review: Brad (or Bradster as his license plate reads) gave a, sorry to say, lifeless performance. After he was turned into a zombie he went to find his ex-girl friend. Now, just for the record, Brad is technically a zombie even though aliens made him that way. It clearly states it in the film, so think of this as a sub-category...alien zombies! Anyway, back to the performance. Based on his swagger and arrogance as a living frat bully I thought he'd really ham it up as a zombie. Instead he just rang the doorbell, sat down and then had his head blown off with a shotgun and later torched with a flame thrower. Weak Brad, weak. That did not "thrill me."

P.S. - Your aryan-blonde hair did look great though.

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