Captain Eckert

 Assumed Name: Captain Eckert

Movie Title: Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

Year of Release: 2012

Director: Richard Schenkman

Performance/Costume Review: It's always nice to get to know your zombie before he turns. Such is the case with Captain Eckert. The poor man is the sole survivor after his company is wiped out by a group of "unfortunates" yet interestingly he is the only battle hardened Union soldier with a freshly washed uniform. After an incoherent interrogation led by President Lincoln (naturally) Eckert slips out of mortal reason and turns. He wastes little time getting back to the fight, only this time he's serving in the Army of the undead. He has a commendable first kill but his new rank of Captain Clean Pants is cut short, literally, when he's on the receiving end of President Lincoln's zombie killing sickle.

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