Jack (The Undead)

Assumed Name: Jack (The Undead)

Movie Title: The Video Dead

Year of Release: 1987

Director: Robert Scott

Performance/Costume Review: Film geeks feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure this zombie is credited as "Jack (The Undead)". Jack played a pivotal role in moving the plot forward because he was the one with the bright idea to escape the television and go on a killing rampage. He's one of those rebel zombies we see from time to time. Recent example being that big guy in Land of the Dead that rallied the troops to cross the river. A thinker, leader and overall Johnny Toughguy. Anyway, Jack played the I'm-on-tv role with a grace and naturalness that only a seasoned thespian could have pulled off. He then stuck his head out like an undead periscope searching for the enemy's battleship and declared war. Jack put his neck out on the line and it paid off, without him there would have been no Video Dead. We are forever in debt to this strategic mastermind.

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