Grunge Zombie

Assumed Name: Grunge Zombie

Movie Title: House of the Dead

Year of Release: 2003

Director: Uwe Boll

Performance/Costume Review: Finally, a definitive answer to the question that's been plaguing everyone for years. Is Grunge dead? The answer is a resounding YES and Grunge Zombie is totally awesome! The flannel shirt, the hair, ripped jeans and I'm sure he's wearing Doc Martins. Something tells me director Uwe Boll had his casting call in Seattle.


  1. owwww... im scared... really cool...


  2. i'm pretty sure most days i look like the grunge zombie. pretty sure.

  3. HI ! where has yer other blogged disappeared to? wont u write anymore?


  4. hahahahahaha...nice, he is such a generic grunge zombie too.

    thanks for writing!! missed your ass. married life is great!! its funny we live together but i find myself missing him...weird..i know. its cause he is sooooooo very busy with school and he can barely take time to just chill with me. i think its more so the sleeping part that i miss. i got to bed early and he is up til like 5am working on projects.
    how is your new little beauty?!?!?!? i hope all is great with your lil' fam too!!!
    take care..have a great week!

  5. hope Cordelia is doing fine !

    as for facebook, i got registered only last week, just type begüm sekendiz boré and u'll see my page ..

  6. Well, you sure like the zombies. :-) This must be a pretty unique site on the net.