Fat Zombie Aboard Boat

Assumed Name: Fat Zombie Aboard Boat

Movie Title: Zombi 2

Year of Release: 1979

Director: Lucio Fulci

Performance/Costume Review: "Fat Zombie Aboard Boat" is the actual name given to this guy in the credits, I didn't just make that up. Fat Zombie is a trendsetter, a rebel, an icon. Long before fast-moving zombies made their permanent mark in cinema, Fat Zombie played his part. Now, in all fairness, he wasn't really "fast-moving" but more of a quick-falling zombie. As a cop goes downstairs to inspect a boat he finds a severed hand. Then, out of nowhere, Fat Zombie Aboard Boat busts through the closet and falls on top of the cop, leaving his victim no time to defend himself. After his snack Fat Zombie goes up on deck to get another bite. Unfortunately he didn't have the element of surprise the second time and is quickly shot several times, eventually falling overboard. Fat Zombie your glory will live on forever, well done.


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