Assumed Name: Elysabeth

Movie Title: Night of the Hunted

Year of Release: 1980

Director: Jean Rollin

Performance/Costume Review: I think Elysabeth was worried about getting her nice clothes dirty, therefor she didn't eat anyone. The truth is Jean Rollin's description of "zombie" in this film was questionable. Not going to eat anyone? No problem, just look fabulous instead and do the lost-in-a-dreamworld look that adds depth to a lifeless performance (pun intended). I'd like to think that Jean Rollin just gathers beautiful women together for films. When they ask what their role is he thinks on his toes and says something like this, "Um, zombie? Yes zombie, now put on a cape or some running shoes and nothing else!"


  1. Good write up! You are really hitting on an important subject here. The fast and loose definitions for zombies.

  2. LOL! So perfect and true!
    I'm extremly honored