Jessica Holland

Assumed Name: Jessica Holland

Movie Title: I Walked With a Zombie

Year of Release: 1943

Director: Jacques Tourneur

Performance/Costume Review: Jessica didn't give much of a performance, but that's what is expected from old zombie films. No grabbing people and eating them. If it wasn't for the title her zombiism might be called into question. That being said, her dress was lovely so she made a fantastically fabulous zombie.


  1. So what made her a zombie? What is the difference between a zombie and a ghoul, particularly in older films?

  2. Voodoo is really to blame. She was undead with a living body. That would be a zombie. A ghoul would not have a physical body.

  3. I've never seen this one, although heard reasonable things. You're right though.. EVERYTHING comes back to zombies.. I could probably make every post I make turn in to a story about zombies. Zombie anecdotes galore; that's such a blog.