Assumed Name: Gaunt

Movie Title: The Dead Hate the Living!

Year of Release: 2000

Director: Dave Parker

Performance/Costume Review: Gaunt is otherwise known as "the giant zombie". It's hard to miss him because the actor in real life was 7' 6". Gaunt is part of the zombie gang that works for the dark leader. He proves himself useful in this film because of his multitasking skills. In one scene Gaunt captures the lead girl and manages to fight off a guy coming at him with a chainsaw. He did all this while half of his body was seated in a fake graveyard. Sadly Gaunt was electrocuted to death after catching a TV...don't ask. Questioning this film is something you just don't do. When you can see the boom mic fall into camera shots you know you're watching A+ hardcore B Horror.

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