Bupkes the Clown

Assumed Name: Bupkes the Clown

Movie Title: Diary of the Dead

Year of Release: 2007

Director: George A. Romero

Performance/Costume Review: To be honest, I was surprised the zombie clown had an actual name in the credits. Bupkes the Clown has a short, but very amusing cameo. While reviewing some found footage on a camera, the main characters see home footage of a little girl's birthday party. The clown comes out to say hi and the dad goes up to greet him. The dad grabs the clowns nose and it comes off as blood squirts out. It's at this very moment we, the viewers, realize we're in for a real treat...a zombie clown! Bupkes attacks the dad and it's assumed he attacks the whole birthday party although the camera is turned off before we know for sure.

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