Assaulted Zombie

Assumed Name: Assaulted Zombie

Movie Title: Bio Zombie

Year of Release: 1998

Director: Wilson Yip

Performance/Costume Review: There were a lot of zombies to highlight in this film, but it was one zombie that really grabbed my attention. The zombie you see posted above had on a lovely orange jumpsuit that, right from the start, made him stand out from the others. I feel his unique fashion sense made him a target for childish taunts by humans. You see, after a guy cut off a random zombie head he thought he would send a message by kicking that head at the other zombies. It's a great idea, but it appears he wasn't kicking that head blindly into the crowd, he had a target. So here is where we see out bright orange zombie, standing around minding his own business. Before he knows it he finds himself at the bad end of a violent attack as the kicked head hits this zombie and then falls to the ground. Although he didn't seem affected, I imagine deep down inside it hurt his zombie feelings. We all make sacrifices for fashion, this zombie learned those sacrifices the hard way. Maybe next time he'll wear something a little less flamboyant.

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