Chef Jaques

Assumed Name: Chef Jaques

Movie Title: House of the Dead II

Year of Release: 2005

Director: Michael Hurst

Performance/Costume Review: On the back of this dvd the R rating includes "strong zombie violence". I will say there was a good amount of zombie violence, but I found Chef Jaques performance the most entertaining. Chef Jaques goes out in the alley to eat a salad and sees what he thinks is a homeless man. He offers him his salad and instead finds out it's a zombie who quickly bites his hand. My favorite part of the film was when Chef Jaques holds his bloody hand and says in a horribly thick fake French accent, "The world has gone crazy, nobody likes the French!" He then becomes a zombie, classic.

*Interesting side note, in real life the actor that played Chef Jaques is, in addition to a producer, a real chef!

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