Zombie Louis

Assumed Name: Zombie Louis

Movie Title: Dawn of the Dead

Year of Release: 2004

Director: Zack Snyder

Performance/Costume Review: Although there is the scene with the little girl first, it's Louis that completely sets the tone for the rest of the film. I remember sitting in the theater on opening night and being totally freaked out by this opening sequence. It was pure genius. After Louis is bitten by a zombie kid he quickly turns and tries to attack his wife. The scene is so intense, especially the first time you see it. His wife manages to slip out the bathroom window and make it to the car. He followers her out but eventually goes after another victim. The opening shot happens so fast that as the credits start up you realize you are in for a tense movie. This shot really took a page out of 28 Days Later and just went all out scary. Fast zombies are crazy scary and Louis was the freakiest of them all.

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