Assumed Name: Slim

Movie Title: House II

Year of Release: 1987

Director: Ethan Wiley

Performance/Costume Review: There has been some debate about if Slim is an actual zombie and the answer is yes. Technically he is a "cowboy zombie" according to the official movie synopsis. With that being said, for those of you that love House II like I do have no fear, Gramps will be in the spotlight also! For now let's discuss Slim. Slim is a really cool zombie, he was the only thing that was actually scary in this film (I know it's a comedy). As a kid I used to get freaked out by him and I also thought his outfit was too cool for school. Slim didn't mess around in this film, he meant business. Although the ending didn't turn out in his favor, he left us with a taste of what it means to be a cowboy zombie partying on the dark side.

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