Sweater Vest Zombie on the Escalator

Assumed Name: Sweater Vest Zombie on the Escalator

Movie Title: Dawn of the Dead

Year of Release: 1978

Director: George A. Romero

Performance/Costume Review: This guy should get the over-acting zombie award of the year. He first appears on the escalator in the mall and it's hard to ignore him with his beautiful sweater vest. He then falls for the ol' switch-a-roo when the guys fool the zombies upstairs while they sneak downstairs. Sweater vest zombie get around though, he later appears outside while the guys are blocking the entrances and even manages to work in a cameo during the shooting spree from the car while locking the front doors. Although there is no conformation, we must assume Sweater vest zombie on the escalator met his demise with the rest of the zombies during the mass execution to make the mall livable and was later discovered in the freezer.

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