The Shark Fighting Zombie

Assumed Name: The Shark Fighting Zombie

Movie Title: Zombi 2

Year of Release: 1979

Director: Lucio Fulci

Performance/Costume Review: I had to make the shark fighting zombie the first official entry in The Zombie Spotlight. It can be hard for a zombie to really steal a scene, let alone become a legend. In Zombi 2 viewers are treated to one of the most memorable performances in zombie movie history. A zombie, hanging out under water, comes across a unsuspecting shark. During a short lived wrestling match between the zombie and the shark blood is shed by both parties. First the zombie manages to rip off a chunk of shark meat, but then the shark evens the score by attempting to rip off the zombie's arm. The audience is left with two real questions? 1. How do I make sense of this? and 2. Does that mean the shark is now a zombie?

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