Nazi Zombie Dad

Assumed Name: Nazi Zombie Dad

Movie Title: Zombie Lake

Year of Release: 1981

Director: Jean Rollin

Performance/Costume Review: This poor guy died as his little girl was being born during WWII. Later he becomes a classic Nazi Zombie, walks out of a lake and wants to make up for lost time with his daughter. He seeks out his m├Ądchen and plays the dad card by giving her gifts. Meanwhile the other Nazi Zombies have no children to seek out and instead devour the village. All and all, it's pretty cool. At one point the Nazi Zombie dad even gets in a fight with another zombie to protect his girl. That's good parenting!


  1. Yeah!!! Your zombies are fuckin' great too. My favorites videogames are about these creatures...Resident Evil, The House of the know?

    I'll try to write on this blog often. Take care!

  2. this really is all zombies . . isn't it?