Long-Haired Surprise-Attack Zombie

Assumed Name: Long-Haired Surprise-Attack Zombie

Movie Title: Resident Evil: Extinction

Year of Release: 2007

Director: Russell Mulcahy

Performance/Costume Review: I really didn't know what else to call this zombie. There is a great scene in the movie when a ton of zombies are hiding out in a tractor-trailer bed. When it opens up a bunch of similar looking zombies run out and start attacking. I was surprised when I saw this zombie. Everyone was bald and male, but not her. The lone wolf of the bunch, the individual that refused to conform for "the man". Good for her. Her lovely lady locks flowed in the breeze as she tried to eat this unsuspecting guy. Her big moment is short lived because she gets a bullet to the head, but her hair will live on in zombie movie history. In a time when zombies were required to be bald, one rebel walked down her own path. Viva la Long-Haired Surprise-Attack Zombie.

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