Assumed Name: Chuck

Movie Title: Hard Rock Zombies

Year of Release: 1984

Director: Krishna Shah

Performance/Costume Review: Where do I even start with Chuck? Oh drummers, they all get a bad reputation (yes, I'm a drummer). Drummers are in a constant struggle to pretend they are above needing the admiration given to a lead singer, but desperately they want to be the center of attention. This usually results in them overdoing everything. This is the case for Chuck, the drummer of the rock band. He's the only one of the bunch to make absolutely no attempt to even pretend to play his instrument. He's far me concerned with overacting and stealing the show. He's the most fun to watch because he's always there, trying to get our attention. From the Hard Rock Zombie walk, to the "sexy" zombie girl dancing around him during Street Angel, nothing will stop him from being seen. In fact, he went as far as wearing the most creative outfit to get noticed. This includes, but is not limited to, a marching band jacket and a construction hard hat. I love Chuck, he is fantastic. Oh and a side note, I think he is the only zombie to ever twirl his drumstick like a true butt rocker!

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