Zombie with a Machete

Assumed Name: Zombie with a Machete

Movie Title: Zombi 3

Year of Release: 1988

Director: Lucio Fulci, Bruno Mattei

Performance/Costume Review: Most people assume the "fast zombies" of recent cinema are a new invention, but that's false. Fast zombies have popped up from time to time and Zombie with a Machete is one of them. He's hiding out in a gas station when a girl stubbles upon him. He chases her and he's fast! I think that is in large part due to the film being sped up, but still. To make matters worse he has a machete. Little did he know, that machete would be his downfall. He accidentally chops open a gas pump while trying to kill the girl and ends up getting a face-full of gas. The girl takes advantage of his mistake and torches him. Patience is a virtue zombie, you were too eager to kill and messed up big time.

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