Assumed Name: Santos (aka Specimen 36)

Movie Title: Return of the Living Dead Part III

Year of Release: 1993

Director: Brian Yuzna

Performance/Costume Review: Santos first appears in a mini mart as the leader of a rough and tough gang that wants to fight the stars of the film. He's your typical gang-member-in-a-zombie-movie stereo type. The guy escapes the beat down from Santos, but not for long. Santos' next major scene is when his gang tracks down the guy he wanted to fight. He decides to have his way with the guys lady, Julie, but little does he know Julie is a zombie. They go into a room together and Julie comes out holding the head of Santos, which is pulled out off of his body to reveal his spine, but the head is not severed. This is important because Santos then becomes a zombie that has a normal body, but an elongated looking neck, which is actually his spine. Santos the zombie tries to attack the main guy and gets his head knocked off in the process. For the final appearance of Santos we see just his animated head and spine in a military experiment facility cage marked Specimen 36. A sad ending for a very entertaining zombie.

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